Skopelos Honeymoon Guide

Covered in pine and oak forests, fruit trees and olive groves, the ruggedly scenic island of Skopelos is one of the greenest islands in the Aegean Sea and offers all you need for a tranquil Greek Island honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Picture-perfect coves lie beneath terraced cliffs and are fringed with wide golden-sand and white-pebble beaches that shelve into crystalline water.

Renowned as one of the most attractive port towns in Greece, Skopelos Town (Chora) is characterised by traditional architecture, steep staircases, bubbling fountains, stone-built mansions and tiny white chapels.

What to do and see in Skopelos

Explore the town’s narrow, picture-perfect cobbled streets and alleyways, home to white-washed houses with blue painted doors and windows, flower-bedecked balconies and red tiled roofs that sprawl across a hillside overlooking a sheltered bay.

Be rewarded with panoramic views from the ruined hilltop walls of the Venetian-era kastro (fortress), built in 340 BC by Philip II of Macedonia.

Then pop into the 17th century basilica of Adios Athanassios, the oldest church in town, built on the ruins of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Athena.

A walking trail south of Chora’s main beach leads to some of the island’s finest Byzantine monasteries and churches including: the historic Monastery of Evangelistic, now home to a nunnery; the abandoned Asia Barbara, with its 15th century frescoes; and Adios Prodromos, which contains a stunning iconostasis.

The hilly interior of Skopelos is ideal for hiking, biking and horseback riding adventures to Mount Paoki (546m) in the southeast and Mount Delphi (681m), which sits in the middle of the island.

Nearby and west of the lush Kara Valley lies Sendoukia, containing four ancient rock-cut tombs.

Skopelos offers a good range of holiday accommodation in the beach resort district of Panormos and in Skopelos Town.

You can also find a good range of bars and dance clubs, as well as taverns playing rembetika music – the Greek version of American blues.

Best Beaches in Skopelos

Skopelos has a choice of excellent pine-fringed beaches that edge idyllic coves and crystalline waters along the island's southwest coast.

The best beaches in Skopelos, include…

Staphylos Beach

This narrow crescent of white-sand beach nestles beneath steep tree-clad hills overlooking a picturesque bay with crystalline waters perfect for swimming.

This family friendly beach is easily accessible by car and bus from Skopelos town and is one of the most popular (and crowded) beaches on the island. Facilities include a beach bar, tavern, changing rooms, sun beds and umbrellas.

Staphylos is located on the south coast, around 4km from Skopelos town.

Valanio Beach

Unwind on the fine golden sand of this picture-perfect beach set beneath an ancient Minoan archaeological site and surrounded by mountains and sweet-scented pine forests.

Sunbathe on the beach, go swimming in the calm waters of the blue bay and stroll the archaeological ruins above the beach, believed to be the palace of the Minoan King Staphylos.

Located on the south coast and accessible on foot from neighbouring Staphylos Beach, Valanio is the only official nudist beach on the island.

Agnondas Beach

Follow the paved road from Staphylos Beach to this small pebble beach, which faces a wide bay surrounded by pine-covered hills. A small town offers a choice of taverns, hotels and shops.

Agnondas Beach is located on the southeast coast, around 15km from Skopelos town.

Limnonari Beach

This white-shingle beach curves around a stunning turquoise bay framed by mountains covered in pine trees.

Relax on the beach, cool off with a swim or savour a cold drink from the beachside tavern. Facilities include sun beds and umbrellas.

Limnonari is a 15-minute walk from Agnondas Beach and just 9km from Skopelos town.

Panormos Beach

Surrounded by picturesque pine-clad hills and curving around a wide turquoise bay, this white-shingle beach offers good swimming in calm waters.

Relax on the beach and watch a magical sunset from a beachside tavern or from the terrace of your hotel.

Facilities include sun beds, umbrellas and various water sports. The small town of Panormos offers a choice of waterside taverns, cafes and hotels.

Panormos is located on the west coast, around 12km from Skopelos town.

Milia Beach

This 1000m-long off-white sand and pebble beach sits between pine-covered hillsides and faces the calm turquoise waters of a picture-perfect bay and the offshore islet of Dassia.

Go swimming and windsurfing or relax on the beach. Facilities include an array of water sports, a beach bar, various taverns, sun beds and umbrellas. Come for a day or stay longer at one of the nearby hotels.

Millie Beach is located on the west coast, around 21km from Skopelos town.

Hovolo Beach

Discover a trio of gorgeous white-sand beaches that sit beneath tree-studded cliffs and a turquoise bay that is perfect for swimming.

Hovolo is accessible by following a dirt track from the main road that runs from Kastani Beach to Elios village, and is located on the west coast around 19km from Skopelos town.

Agios Ioannis

This tiny beach lies beneath a rugged cliff face and opposite a picturesque monastery that sits perched high on a rocky cliff surrounded by sea.

Agios Ioannis beach is located 30km northwest of Skopelos town.

Perivolos Beach

Unwind on this secluded fine grey- and white-sand beach that nestles beneath cliffs and is surrounded by pine trees.

Accessible by foot or boat, Perivolos is located 4km from Glossa on the northeast coast of Skopelos.

Glyfoneri Beach

This small white-sand and pebble beach is framed by bush-clad hillsides and faces the tranquil waters of Agios Konstantinos.

Go swimming and enjoy fresh seafood at the beachside taverna.

Glyfoneri is located 2km north of Skopelos town.

Kastani Beach

Surrounded by pine trees and arguably one of the loveliest beaches in Skopelos, Kastani offers white sand shelving into crystal clear waters.

Made famous by its inclusion in the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia, Kastani is easily reached by bus or car from Skopelos Town.

Kastani is located on the west coast, around 15 km from Skopelos Town.

Best time to honeymoon in Skopelos

The best time to visit Skopelos for a beach holiday is during summer, from June to mid-September. The peak summer months of July and August average a high of 29°C (84°F).

However, anytime from early-May to early-October is good for a range of outdoor activities. Mid-season – May, September and October – offers reasonable hotel prices and generally less crowds.

Skopelos enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, sunny summers and mild, wet winters. Despite winter rainfall, Skopelos is considered a year-round destination.

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Getting to Skopelos

Skopelos is located in the Aegean Sea, southeast of the Pelion Peninsula in northern Greece.

Skopelos is part of the Sporades island group, which also comprise the islands of Skiros, Alonnissos and Skiathios, plus a number of smaller islands.

The most convenient route to Skopelos is by air to Skiathos International Airport (JSI), located about 4.5km (2.7mi) from Skiathos Town, followed by a hydrofoil or ferry to Skopelos Town.

By hydrofoil, Skopelos is 55 minutes from Skiathos or 1 hour 7 minutes by ferry, and around 2 hour 45 minutes from Volos on the Greek mainland.

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