Skiathos Honeymoon Guide

With its long picture-perfect golden beaches fringed by lush pine forests, fascinating medieval sites, energetic nightlife and huge choice of accommodation, cosmopolitan Skiathos boasts all the ingredients you need for the perfect Greek Island honeymoon or romantic getaway holiday.

Best beaches in Skiathos

Skiathos is blessed with more than 60 white- and golden-sand beaches that are recognised as some of the best beaches in Greece and the Aegean Sea.

The sheltered south coast beaches are typically framed by sweet-smelling pine trees and deep blue crystalline waters, while the north coast beaches are more rugged, indented with steep cliffs, pine forests and caves.

Blessed with calm water, most south coast beaches offer a choice of water sports, tavernas and holiday accommodation.

The best beaches, clockwise from Skiathos town, include…

Koukounaries Beach

Rated as one of the most unspoiled natural beaches in the Mediterranean, this 1.2km-long crescent of soft white sand nestles between an environmentally protected pine forest and the calm blue waters of the bay.

Breathe-in the pine-scented air, sunbathe, swim in the crystalline turquoise waters and savour a fresh seafood lunch at one of the beachside tavernas on the most famous beach on Skiathos.

Facilities include toilets, showers, lifeguards, sun beds, umbrellas and a huge range of water sports including banana boat rides, water skiing and sailing.

A riding stable, located just behind the beach, offers the chance to explore mountain trails on horseback.

Visit for a day or stay longer at one of the beachside hotels, including the luxury Pallas Hotel resort.

Koukounaries Beach is located on the south coast, around 16km from Skiathos town, a 30-minute bus ride away.

Megali Ammos Beach

This long and popular golden-sand beach is easily reachable on foot, scooter or local bus from Skiathos town.

Facilities include sun beds, umbrellas, beachside tavernas and a range of accommodation options at nearby Ftelia.

Kanapitsa Beach

This long golden-sand beach hosts an array of water sports such as wind surfing, scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing and speed boating.

Sunbathe on the beach, sign up for a scuba diving excursion or snack on tasty seafood at one of the beachside tavernas.

Kanapitsa is located on the south coast, around 5km from Skiathos town.

Kalamaki Beach

Nestled beneath a grassy hillside, fringed by pine trees and facing the calm crystalline waters of a sheltered cove, Kalamaki is a good escape from the more popular beaches of Skiathos.

Sunbathe on the small crescent of fine golden sand and swim in the clear waters.

Kalamaki is located on the south coast, around 5km from Skiathos town. Hire a scooter to get there or take a water taxi from Kanapitsa Beach.

Vromolimnos Beach

Dig your toes into the soft golden sand of this 7km-long beach that gently shelves into calm turquoise waters perfect for swimming, windsurfing, water skiing and jet skiing.

Vromolimnos is fringed by stands of shady pine trees and offers a taverna for visitors. This popular beach gets very crowed during the summer high season of July and August.

Vromolimnos is located on the south coast, around 6km southwest of Skiathos town.

Agia Paraskevi Beach

Choose from a wide range of water sports on this long crescent of soft golden sand that lies nestled between shady pine trees and turquoise waters.

Facilities include sun beds, umbrellas and various accommodation options including hotels, villas and studio apartments. Go swimming and water skiing, sunbathe on the soft sand and savour fresh seafood at one of the beachside tavernas.

Agia Paraskevi is located on the south coast, around 6km from Skiathos town.

Troulos Beach

Pick a spot to sunbathe on one of the island’s prettiest beaches, flanked by lush green promontories and facing a tiny island that sits framed by the turquoise bay.

This soft golden-sand beach offers good swimming and facilities, including sun beds, umbrellas and a beachside taverna.

Troulos is located on the south coast, around 7km from Skiathos town.

Agia Eleni Beach

For an alternative to the usually bustling Koukounaries Beach, try this less-crowded white-sand beach just a short walk away.

Nestled between pine trees and the turquoise waters of a wide cove, Agia Eleni offers good swimming and windsurfing conditions. Facilities include sun beds, umbrellas and lifeguards.

Agia Eleni Beach is located on the south coast, around 16km from Skiathos town.

Maratha Beach

Sunbathe on soft golden sand and swim in the crystalline waters of this lovely beach located not far away from Koukounaries Beach.

With a beachside tavern, sun beds and umbrellas, Maratha is another good, less-crowded alternative to Koukounaries Beach.

Maratha is located on the south coast, around 10km from Skiathos town.

Banana Beach

Banana Beach is the collective name given to three beaches located on a small peninsula at the southwest tip of Skiathos.

Banana Beach comprises Little Banana (also called Sparticus), Big Banana and a small clothing-optional beach separated from Big Banana by a rocky outcrop.

Choose your spot to get a tan, swim and snorkel in the clear waters of the bay and unwind with a cold beverage at the beachside taverna. Facilities include sun beds, umbrellas and some water sports, including jet skiing and windsurfing.

Banana Beach nestles beneath a hillside covered with sweet smelling pine trees and provides stunning sunset views to the Pellion Peninsula on mainland Greece. Dolphins can often be seen playing just off the coast here also.

Banana Beach is located around 15km to the west of Skiathos town.

Mandraki Beach

Unwind on this uncrowded white-sand beach located on the northwest coast, an hour’s drive from Koukounaries.

This pristine stretch of beach offers good swimming, quiet sunbathing and a taverna and faces Mandraki, Angistros and Elia bays.

Facilities include sun beds, umbrellas and a snack bar.

Mandraki (also known as the Harbour of Xerxes) is the cove where Xerxes brought his triremes (galleys) to vanquish the Hellenic fleet moored at Skiathos during the Persian Wars (480 BC).

Mikros Asselinos Beach

This 1.4km-long beach is a mix of golden sand and smooth pebbles. It nestles between rocky vegetation-clad headlands and shelves into a deep blue bay.

Accessible by a dirt track from the main road, Mikros Asselinos offers a more secluded venue when compared to Skiathos’ busier beaches.

Asselinos is located on the southwest coast, around 12km from Skiathos town.

Lalaria Beach

Discover one of Greece's most picturesque beaches – a pristine white-pebble beach framed between soaring white limestone cliffs indented with nature-sculpted arches and vivid crystalline aquamarine waters.

Swim around the sea-formed rocky arch on the northern end of the beach and into some of the nearby caves. There are no facilities here so you need to take your own food and drinks.

Located on the northeast tip of Skiathos, Lalaria is accessible only by boat from Skiathos.

What to do and see on Skiathos

Although better known for its long, golden beaches, established resorts and energetic nightlife, Skiathos also offers picturesque medieval monasteries, ancient ruins and a number of scenic caves.

Stroll the picturesque narrow alleyways of the old town, crowded with traditional whitewashed houses topped by red-tile roofs that sprawl across a hillside overlooking the quaint harbour.

Visit the 13th century Bourtzi fortress, which sits on a tree-shaded island jutting into the middle of the harbour.

Take the Papadiamandis, named after the island's best-known son (writer Alexandros Papadiamantis) to the charming stone-paved square set around the magnificent Church of Trion Ierarchon (Three Archbishops).

Unwind at a choice of cafes, tavernas and restaurants that line the picturesque seafront then party hard after dark at the town’s numerous discos and bars. Overnight or stay longer at one of many hotels.

From the old town, take a water taxi or hire a motorbike to discover some of the many gorgeous white-sand beaches that fringe the sheltered south coast, including the famous Koukounaries and Banana beaches.

Admire the medieval Evangelistrias monastery, explore the ruins of the medieval walled town of Kastro on the north coast and swim through stunning grottos at nearby Lalaria Beach.

Must-see attractions on Skiathos, include…

Moni Evangelistrias Monastery – This historically significant monastery is less than 5km from Skiathos town and offers authentically restored 18th century architecture and a fascinating collection of icons, books and woodcarvings.

Surrounded by lush vegetation, Moni Evangelistrias is the only functioning monastery on Skiathos.

The Kastro – Explore the remains of this 16th century fortified settlement, which stands on a windswept headland on the north coast, just east of Lalaria Beach.

Wander around the crumbling overgrown ruins and examine original frescoes in the only church still standing.

The Kastro is accessible by car followed by a 2km walk or by caique (small boat) from Skiathos town.

Grottoes – Explore the remarkable sea caves of Skotini, Glazia and Halkini, which are located just east of Lalaria Beach. A narrow crevice in the cliff face permits access by swimming or by riding a caique into the 6m-high sea cavern of Spilia Skotini.

Best time to visit Skiathos

The best time to visit Skiathos for a beach holiday is during summer, from June to mid-September. The peak summer months of July and August average a high of 29°C (84°F).

However, anytime from early-May to early-October is good for a range of outdoor activities. Mid-season – May, September and October – offers reasonable hotel prices and generally less crowds.

Skiathos enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, sunny summers and mild, wet winters. Despite winter rainfall, Skiathos is considered a year-round destination.

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Getting to Skiathos

Skiathos – the most visited of the Sporades Islands – is located in the Aegean Sea, southeast of the Pelion Peninsula in northern Greece.

One of Greece’s premier resort island groups, the Sporades Islands are comprised of Skopelos, Skiros, Alonnissos and Skiathos, plus a number of smaller islands.

The most convenient route to Skiathos is by air to Skiathos International Airport (JSI), located about 4.5km (2.7mi) from Skiathos Town.

By hydrofoil, Skiathos is 55 minutes from the neighbouring island of Skopelos, and 1 hour 40 minutes from Volos on the Greek mainland.

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