Milos Honeymoon Guide

The Greek Island of Milos is famous for its surreal coastal landscape indented with caves, colourful volcanic rock formations and magnificent beaches shelving into turquoise coves – just perfect for couples celebrating a honeymoon.

What to do and see on Milos

Inland sit picturesque villages of sugar-cube houses and whitewashed windmills.

It was on Milos (pronounced mee-loss) that the famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos was discovered in 1820. While the original (re-named Venus de Milo) is displayed in the Louvre museum in Paris, you can see a copy of the statue at the Archaeological Museum in Plaka, the main town of Milos.

Explore the narrow, picturesque alleyways of Plaka, with traditional Cycladic architecture of whitewashed houses with blue doors, shutters and windows, and balconies overflowing with colourful flowers.

Enjoy scenic views from Plaka’s hillside location, visit the remains of a hilltop Frankish castle, the 13th century Byzantine Church of Thalassitras and the extensive early-Christian catacombs at nearby Tripiti, which were built underground during Roman times. Nearby sits an ancient Roman amphitheatre.

The island’s rocky coastline is indented with deep sea caves that are easily accessible by boat, most notably at Papafrangas, Kleftiko and Sikia.

Best beaches in Milos

The beaches of Milos are surrounded by colourful volcanic rock formations and shelve into clear emerald green waters. With more than 75 beaches to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

The best beaches in Milos, include the following…

Sarakiniko Beach

Discover one of the most beautiful and unique beaches on Milos. This white-sand beach nestles beneath sun-bleached white volcanic rocks that resemble a lunar landscape and frame a long fjord-like inlet.

Swim from the beach or wander along the smooth horizontal rocks to find a good spot to dive into the clear water.

Devoid of plant life and eroded by wind and sea from the millennia, this stark, brilliant-white landscape is one of the most impressive natural sights in the Aegean.

Sarakiniko is located 4km east of Plaka town.

Gerontas Beach

This crescent of silver-grey sand is framed by rugged rocks and lies beneath soaring cliffs on the south-west coast of Milos.

Breathe in the stark rugged beauty of this sun-bleached landscape and swim in the calm blue waters of the bay.

Papafragkas Beach

Framed by towering white sea cliffs and lapped by turquoise waters, tiny Papafragkas Beach offers a picture-perfect setting on the north-east tip of the island around 13km from Plaka town.

The setting resembles an open-air cave linked to the sea by a small narrow covered opening.

Swim in the calm protected waters and explore some of the many deep-sea caves. Nearby sit the remains of the ancient town of Phylakope, now almost entirely covered with seawater.

Tsigrado Beach

This tiny white-sand beach nestles between soaring rocky outcrops along the rugged south coast, about 20km south of Plaka town.

Sunbathe on the white sand, cool off with a swim in the crystal clear water and breathe in the stark beauty of this magnificent setting.

There are no facilities on the beach so it’s probably best to take your own beach umbrella, food and drink.

Firiplaka Beach

This long crescent of silvery-white sand lies between a red-rock cliff face and shimmering shallow turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming.

Relax on the beach, cool off with a swim and savour a drink at the small beach bar.

Firiplaka is located close to Tsigrado Beach, around 21km from Plaka town.

Best time to honeymoon in Milos

The best time of year to visit Milos for a beach holiday is during summer from mid-June to mid-September.

However, anytime from mid-May to mid-October is a good time to visit Milos for a range of general outdoor activities.

The peak summer months of July and August offer hot and sunny weather, but with an increase in visitors, accommodation rates and restaurant prices.

Milos, the most south-western island of the Cyclades, enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm and sunny summers and cold, wet winters. The island is windy year-round.

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Getting to Milos

Milos is situated in the Cyclades – a group of islands that lies in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200km (120mi) southeast of mainland Greece.

The Cyclades also includes Mykonos, Ios, Paros, Naxos and Santorini, plus a number of smaller islands.

The most convenient route to Milos is by air to Athens International Airport (ATH), followed by a connecting flight to the island.

Milos Island National Airport (MLO) is located 5km (3mi) southeast of the port of Adamantas, which lies directly below Milos town, known as Plaka.

As Milos Island National Airport has a short runway, only Bombardier Dash 8 sized aircraft and smaller are able to use the airport. All commercial flights connect to and from Athens International Airport (ATH).

Milos is also accessible by high-speed catamarans and ferries from neighbouring islands in the Cyclades and from Piraeus – the port of Athens.

Pireaus to Milos is about 2 hours 55 minutes by high-speed catamaran, twice daily.

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