Things to do on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast offers outstanding coastal views that are best appreciated on walking trips – perfect for active couples.

Both the Amalfi Coast and nearby island of Capri offer countless hiking trails with magnificent vistas of deep ravines, sheer cliffs and rocky promontories layered with paster-coloured villages and scattered with vineyards and olive and lemon groves.

Coastal Drive

Drive the dramatic 50km-long corniche that twists and turns around hairpin bends between towering mountain peaks on one side of the road and steep cliffs that plunge into the sea on the other.

Snaking along the coast between the resorts of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, the road offers breathtaking scenery.

Walking & Hiking Trails

From Amalfi, take the picturesque and easy walk along the Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Mills), following the River Canneto to the Mulino Rovinato (Ruined Mill).

Or hike from Amalfi to Positano along the famous Via degli Incanti (Trail of Charms); the 25km-long trail winds through cultivated terraces and citrus groves.

A more demanding hike will take you to the Vallone delle Ferriere, once a favourite with 19th century visitors doing the Grand Tour and now a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site.

These peculiar limestone mountains were once at the bottom of the sea and host a range of plants and animals that have disappeared elsewhere on the European continent: look out for the 2m-high fern woodwardia radicans, saffron – the world’s most expensive spice, as well as several species of salamander. Allow six hours for the round trip on this 12km hike.

From Furore, hike spectacular paths through the Lattari Mountains: try the Sentiero della Volpe Pescatrice (The Fishing Vixen Path) from Punta Sant'Elia to the Fiord of Furore; or follow the Agave in Fiore (The Agave in Flower) from Punta Sant'Elia to Praiano, where you can see many flowering agave plants.

On Capri, countless easy-to-follow trails wind up from the coast into the hills past cactus-covered cliffs and whitewashed houses overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Follow the Via Caposcuro and Via Migliera south to the clifftop lookout of Belvedere di Migliera for panoramic sea views.

Hike from Capri town on the Via Camerelle–Via Tragara to the Faraglioni rocks and its idyllic beach, beneath or explore pathways and descend hundreds of steps past the Grotto di Matermania on the Via Pizzo Lungo to Capri’s famous Arco Naturale, a natural rock bridge that overlooks the sea.

You can also choose to hike the Scala Fenicia (Fenician Staircase), which descends from Anacapri to Capri; the long staircase of 881 steps offers superb views and dates back to the 8th century BC.

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