St Vincent and the Grenadines

Escape the crowds of mass tourism with a honeymoon or romantic getaway in the gorgeous islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Unwind in a charming inn or exclusive resort on one of these secluded islands, known for great sailing, a choice of magnificent white- and golden-sand beaches and clear turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Alternatively, charter a bare-boat yacht or a crewed vessel to explore this idyllic 65km-long necklace of mainly small and hilly islands and coral cays. Discover secluded coves edged by palm-fringed white-sand beaches, while inland, find rainforest-covered hillsides that are perfect for both short strolls and challenging hikes.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines lie in the Lesser Antilles, in the southern Windward Islands of the Caribbean Sea, and are located 40km (25mi) south of St Lucia, 120km (74mi) north of Grenada and 160km (99mi) west of Saint Vincent.

Frequently known simply as Saint Vincent, the sovereign state consists of the main island of Saint Vincent and the northern two-thirds of the Grenadines – a chain of 32 smaller islands.

Saint Vincent at 29km (18mi) long by 18km (11mi) wide is the largest island of the group, followed by Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union Island, Palm Island and Petit St Vincent.


Discover green hills, quiet lagoons, pristine coral reefs and unspoiled white-sand beaches in the largest (18sq km) and most northerly of the Grenadines.

Bequia is just 14km (8.6mi) south of St Vincent – perfect for a day trip or longer stay. Unwind on the palm-fringed white sands of Friendship, Industry and Lower bays, with good swimming and snorkelling.

See endangered hawksbill turtle hatchlings close-up at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on Park Beach.

Watch craftspeople continue age-old traditions of boat building near the main harbour village of Port Elizabeth and spy the occasional whaler setting out from here in wooden boats with harpoons.

While spear fishing and nets are prohibited in the marine park, the islanders themselves are the world's last hand-harpooners; their limited activities have no affect on marine stocks.

Port Elizabeth is well known for its safe and picturesque anchorage of Admiralty Bay, a haven in the 17th century for the navies of England, France and Spain, as well as pirates. Today the bay is a favourite yachting anchorage.

Accommodation on Bequia varies from luxurious resort cottages to cosy West Indian-style inns.

Consider staying at: the Frangipani, a comfortable inn overlooking Admiralty Bay; the stylish Friendship Bay Resort, nestled in 5ha of tropical gardens metres away from the white-sand beach at Friendship Cove; or the Old Fort Villa, a romantic boutique hotel set on a cliff top with panoramic views.


Rub shoulders with the rich and famous, many of whom own cottages here, including members of the British Royal Family such as Prince Andrew.

This privately owned island offers 4.5sq km of rolling green hills fringed by gorgeous white-sand beaches surrounded by clear turquoise waters.

Sunbathe on the shimmering white sands of Macaroni Beach and dive the wreck of the French liner Antilles, which ran aground on the Pillories reef in 1971.

Rent a mini-moke and drive past some of the most stylish homes in the Caribbean, including the late Princess Margaret's place, Les Jolies Eaux.

Watch for the green flash at legendary Basil's Bar, a thatched pub sitting on stilts over the water at Britannia Bay.

Visit during the first two weeks of February to watch musicians from North America, Europe and the Caribbean play at the Mustique Blues Festival, held nightly at Basil's Bar.

Come on a day trip or stay longer at the Cotton House located in Endeavour Bay, one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive hotels. Or try the unique Firefly Hotel, famous for its animated bar, popular with local expats.

Mustique is 29km (18mi) southeast of St Vincent.


Relax on the gorgeous white-sand beaches, dive or snorkel the surrounding coral reefs that teem with colourful marine life and hike up the cedar-forested slopes of Mount Royal (240m) for panoramic views overlooking the Grenadines.

Tiny Canouan is just 5.5km (3.4mi) long by 2km (1.24mi) wide. It is located 23km (14mi) south of St Vincent and 32km (20mi) north of Grenada.

Come on a fleeting visit or stay longer at the elegant beachside Raffles Resort with its 18-hole golf course and deluxe European-style casino. Or stay in the thatched-roof bungalows of the Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club facing Grand Bay Beach.


Play Robinson Crusoe on the pristine white-sand beaches that fringe this tiny, 400ha, privately owned island paradise.

Mayreau boasts a small hilltop village and the charming Saltwhistle Bay Club, a resort surrounded by an 8ha tropical garden and facing two gorgeous white-sand beaches.

The island is a favourite spot for sailors who anchor in Saltwhistle Bay.

Hike up the island’s only hill for scenic views then cool off with a swim at Saline Bay Beach or with a cold drink at popular Dennis’ Hideaway bar. Access to Mayreau is by boat from nearby Union Island.

Palm Island

With a choice of five powder-white beaches and the elegant Palm Island Resort, it’s easy to relax on this idyllic island, surrounded by crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and sailing.

Access to Palm Island is from nearby Union Island, a 10-minute boat ride away.

Tobago Cays

Choose from this group of five uninhabited cays fringed by pristine white-sand beaches and surrounded by turquoise lagoons of crystal clear waters, coral reefs and colourful reef fish. The cays are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving and as an idyllic yachting anchorage.

Union Island

Swim and snorkel in the clear turquoise waters surrounding this small 850ha island that is fringed by soft powder-white beaches. Hike up to Mount Parnassus (275m) for panoramic views over the southern Grenadines.

Union Island is located midway between Grenada and St Vincent. Go on a fleeting visit or stay longer at the beachside Bigsand Hotel, with private balconies overlooking a tranquil bay.

Petit St Vincent

Escape everything on this tiny 45ha private island ringed by powder-soft white-sand beaches and covered with lush green foliage. Unwind in comfort at the chic Petit St Vincent Resort, offering a choice of hillside or beachfront cottages.

Petit St Vincent is the southernmost of the Grenadines, easily reached in your own yacht or by pre-arrangement with the PSV boat after first flying to Union Island via St Vincent.

Best Beaches in St Vincent and the Grenadines

St Vincent and the Grenadines offers numerous gorgeous beaches that are perfect for a beach honeymoon in the Caribbean.

While St Vincent offers an excellent choice of golden- and black-sand beaches, the most idyllic beaches are found among the smaller islands, that typically front a charming inn or exclusive resort.

The best beaches in the Grenadines, include the following…

Macaroni Beach

(Mustique) – Sunbathe on the soft white sand of this 350m-long tree-fringed beach that lies framed by rocky outlets and tree-clad hillsides.

Snorkel the offshore coral reef or around the rocky headlands and picnic beneath the shady sea grape trees. There are no facilities on the beach, so it’s probably best to pack a picnic.

Enjoy a Sundowner cocktail at nearby Basil’s Bar or at the ever-popular Firefly Hotel – you may end up rubbing shoulders with British Royalty or island residents such as Mick Jagger.

Friendship Bay Beach

(Bequia) – Unwind on the golden sands of this 1.5km-long crescent of golden sand that curves beneath the tree-covered hillsides of Friendship Bay.

Swim, snorkel and windsurf in the protected waters of this horseshoe-shape beach on Bequia's south coast, which is easily accessed by taxi.

Or stay longer at the Friendship Bay Resort, where you can hire water sports equipment and also grab a bite to eat or relax with a cold drink overlooking the bay.

Industry Bay Beach

(Bequia) – Unwind on this gorgeous palm-fringed white-sand beach that lies on the northeastern side of the island.

Pack a picnic and relax beneath the towering palm trees, sunbathe on the soft sand and snorkel the coral gardens that are just a short swim away. Access to this secluded 300m-long beach is by land.

Lower Bay Beach

(Bequia) – Unwind on the soft golden sand of this 250m-long palm-fringed beach that lies over a headland to the south of Princess Margaret Beach.

Sunbathe, swim and snorkel the offshore coral gardens. Facilities include a choice of beachside restaurants and water sports equipment rentals.

Lower Bay Beach is a 45-minute walk from Port Elizabeth; alternatively take a land or water taxi from the port.

Princess Margaret Beach

(Bequia) – Relax on the soft white sands of this 450m-long tree-fringed beach that faces Admiralty Harbour.

Sunbathe on the beach, swim and snorkel the offshore coral gardens, wander through the natural rock stone arch at the beach’s southern end and relax in the shade of the sea grape trees that rise up the hillside towards nearby Port Elizabeth.

Grab a bite or refreshing drink at the beachfront Jack's Bar and restaurant or pack a picnic.

Princess Margaret Beach is a half-hour walk from Port Elizabeth or a short water taxi ride from the port.

Godahl Beach

(Canouan) – Unwind on the soft powder-white sands of this small 400m-long beach that shelves into the calm reef-protected waters of Carenage Bay.

Sunbathe, swim and snorkel on this idyllic beach.

Facilities on Godahl Beach include thatched umbrellas and sun loungers provided by the beachfront Pink Sands Club. Visit for a day and unwind with a cold drink and lunch at the hotel’s beach bar or stay longer.

Casuarina Beach

(Palm Island) – Pick your own spot to sunbathe and swim on the unspoiled white sands of this 900m-long palm-fringed beach that curves along the western side of Palm Island.

Snorkel or scuba dive the offshore coral gardens, climb to the top of Iguana Hill for spectacular views or stroll around the western end of the beach to find another gorgeous white-sand beach with views across to Union Island.

Visit on a day trip or stay longer at the exclusive Palm Island Resort.

Saline Bay Beach

(Mayreau) – Unwind on the soft golden sands of this 750m-long tree-fringed beach that lies framed by tree-clad promontories on the southwest coast of Mayreau.

Take your own food and drinks as there are no facilities on this picture-perfect beach, however you can hike up the hill to Dennis' Hideaway for lunch or cold drinks.

Saltwhistle Bay Beach

(Mayreau) – Relax beneath groves of sea grape and palm trees or brush up on your tan on the soft golden sands of this idyllic 500m-long beach.

The beach faces the calm turquoise waters of Saltwhistle Bay at the northwestern tip of Mayreau.

Stroll through the palm trees to discover a long and usually deserted stretch of white sand – perfect for beachcombing and admiring the views across to the Tobago Cays.

Anchor your yacht in the protected waters or stay longer at the beachfront Saltwhistle Bay Club. Scenic tree-covered promontories frame Saltwhistle Bay.

The best beaches on the larger, main island of St Vincent, include …

Villa Beach

(St Vincent) – Unwind on St Vincent’s most popular beach, a narrow and long stretch of golden sand edged by a row of hotels and restaurants facing the Young Island Channel.

Villa Beach is on the south coast just a short distance from Kingstown.

Indian Bay Beach

(St Vincent) – This long and narrow golden-sand beach is a good alternative to nearby Villa Beach, with calm waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

You can also enjoy a choice of nearby restaurants and bars, as well as picture-perfect views over the nearby islands in the Young Island Channel.

Indian Bay Beach is on the south coast just a short distance from Kingstown.

What to do and see

St Vincent’s lush tropical landscape is perfect for hiking and eco tours, while offshore coral gardens, crystalline waters and rainbow-hued fish make diving a real pleasure.

Meanwhile, the picture-perfect islands of the Grenadines boast the best sailing grounds in the Caribbean, attracting sailors from around the world, as well as spectacular coral reefs, stunning white-sand beaches and rainforest hiking attractions.

In St Vincent’s small but lively port capital, Kingstown, explore the colourful market, perfect for handicrafts and local spices, and visit the graceful St Mary’s Cathedral, with its mix of gothic spires, Romanesque arches and Moorish decoration. See old cannons and enjoy panoramic island views from the remains of Fort Charlotte, which sits perched on a steep 190m-high headland overlooking the sea.

In the Botanic Gardens – the oldest botanic gardens in the western hemisphere – wander manicured lawns past majestic, centuries-old tropical trees, including a breadfruit tree that is a descendent of the original seedlings brought from Tahiti by Captain Bligh in 1765.

Away from Kingstown, explore by hire car or taxi the scenic Leeward Highway, enjoying panoramic views and stopping off at a series of charming pastel-coloured fishing villages such as Questelles, Layou, Barrouallie and Châteaubelair.

Along the way, see the Carib Rock, one of the finest petroglyphs in the Caribbean, dating from 600 AD. Don’t miss the 18m-high Falls of Baleine, a waterfall that cascades down volcanic slopes into a series of shallow pools; located on the northern tip of the island, the cascade is accessible only by boat from Richmond Beach.

Explore the lush Marriqua Valley, a cultivated landscape of nutmeg, cocoa, breadfruit, coconut and bananas surrounded by mountain ridges.

Located just east of Kingstown, the valley is scattered with terraced farms, freshwater streams, winding rivers and dense forests that are perfect for hiking. Don’t miss the natural mineral springs at Montréal, where you can take a refreshing dip.

Alternatively, take the challenging 5km hike up to La Soufrière volcano (1234m) and be rewarded with a bird's-eye view of the crater, its islands and all of St Vincent.

Sunbathe and swim from the white-sand beaches at Villa and Indian Bay or unwind on the volcanic black sands of Richmond Beach. Or try swimming at Owia Salt Pond, a surf-protected bathing pool enclosed by lava peaks and ridges.

Where to stay

St Vincent’s offers a range of accommodation options to suit all honeymoon budgets – just don't expect wild nightlife and high-rise resorts. Instead, be pampered with a lot of personal attention from the local staff.

Try the luxurious and aptly named Grand View Beach Hotel, a 19th century plantation house set in 3ha of manicured gardens just a short stroll from Villa Beach, set on the south coast overlooking the Grenadines.

Or stay at the stylish Young Island Resort, located in a lush tropical setting just 800m off the south coast of St Vincent. A regular 5-minute ferry service links the two islands.

Best time to honeymoon in St Vincent and Grenadiness

The best time to visit St Vincent and the Grenadines is during the winter season from January to April during the dry season, which has an average temperature of 26°C (78°F) with a daily high of 29°C (84°F).

February, March and April are the driest months, although you can still expect brief rain showers.

For more climate info: St Vincent weather guide

How to get to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines lie in the Lesser Antilles, in the southern Windward Islands of the Caribbean Sea.

The most convenient route to St Vincent and the Grenadines is by air to Argyle International Airport (SVD) (known as Argyle Airport or simply AIA), located about 8km (5mi) from the capital, Kingstown.

St Vincent receives daily direct flights from Grenada, Martinique, St Lucia and Trinidad, with connections to the Grenadines (including Bequia, Mustique, Union Island and Canouan, which each have small airports).

By sea, the Grenadines are accessible by charter yacht, ferry (to Bequia) and by mail boat from St Vincent to Canouan, Mayreau and Union islands.

Find out more information on how to get to St Vincent and the Grenadines

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