Things to do on Tioman Island

Tioman offers an idyllic island setting with a wide range of watersport and eco tourism activities – perfect for adventurous honeymoon couples.

Experience a variety of land- and water-based activities for the adventurous couple, including…

Scuba diving

Choose from more than 20 pristine dive spots located around the island. Some dive sites lie within swimming distance of a beach, while others are just a short boat ride away, such as Chebah Island, located 20 minutes by boat from Salang Village.

Here, you can dive through tunnels into caves and around huge boulder formations to see soft coral, gorgonian fans and colourful reef fish such as napoleon wrasses, trigger fish, puffer fish, angel fish and manta rays.

Or look out for leopard sharks in the deep water at Mulang Rock, just west of Tioman, as well as yellow-spotted stingray, schools of barracuda, trigger fish, lion fish, moon wrasse and nudibranchs.

Several of the island’s many dive centres offer PADI open water diving courses.


Typically snorkelling is great from most beaches, and resorts are happy to ferry guests to outlying coral gardens and uninhabited islands nearby.

Try Renggis Island and Pulau Tulai, better known as Coral Island, for some of the best snorkelling among colourful reef fish.

The village of Air Batang is one of the best villages for snorkelling, with a shallow reef full of colourful coral and fish running north to Penuba. Or try either side of the jetty at ABC where one can swim among turtles above a vast garden of yellow coral.


With the only development on Tioman taking place along the coast, the pristine rainforest that covers the island’s mountainous interior remains virtually untouched.

Several jungle trails weave along the coast linking small fishing villages, while other trails lead from these villages into the mountains and typically end at picturesque waterfalls or scenic lookouts.

The most strenuous hike on Tioman is the 7km, two- to four-hour hike across the island from Tekek to Juara. Along the way, hike through hilly terrain surrounded by pristine rainforest where you are more than likely to see monkeys, monitor lizards, parrots and squirrels as well as streams and beautiful waterfalls.

The route can also be traversed by four-wheel drive or bicycle.


Discover numerous waterfalls scattered within sight of jungle trails and only a short walk away from many coastal villages.

Watch freshwater mountain streams cascading over cliffs and huge granite boulders into deep, naturally sculpted rock pools – perfect for a refreshing dip.

The highest cascade can be found at Asah Waterfall, a 45-minute hike from the southern village of Mutuk or a 15-minute stroll from the jetty of the now deserted village of Asah.

From here you can savour stunning views to the twin peaks of Bukit Nenet Semukut before cooling off with a refreshing dip in the deep-water plunge pool at the base of the 20m-high cascade.

Rock climbing

Scale Tioman’s twin peaks – the dragon's horns – or attempt to climb Tioman's highest peak, the often cloud-shrouded Gunung Kajang (1038m).

Local guides are happy to assist and inclusive three-day climbing tours are available.


Tioman’s duty-free status is limited to tobacco and alcohol only, however there is a good selection of T-shirts, bathing suits and local souvenirs available, mainly from shops in Tekek.

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