Best Beaches on Tioman Island

Tioman's best beaches are typically monopolized by private resorts, while other more private beaches are just a short boat ride away.

Apart from a jungle track that stretches across the island from Tekek to Juara, there are no roads (or cars) on Tioman, so exploring the scattered beaches means hopping on an island ferry or hiring a sea taxi.

The best beaches in Tioman Island, include the following…

Juara Beach

Located on the quiet east coast, Juara offers arguably the best beach on Tioman, a 20m-wide, 2km-long sweep of pristine golden sand separated by a small hill and framed by a rocky headland to the north and a lagoon to the south.

Cool off in the cold freshwater run-off that pours into the sea from three rivers located at either end of the beach.

Hike into the jungle to admire the nearby waterfall, enjoy a freshwater dip in the natural rock basins and listen to the raucous cries of monkeys and spot monitor lizards in the pristine jungle.

To the south of the lagoon there is a popular nesting place for turtles. The beach is shared by the Juara Beach Resort, several budget chalets and a few beachside restaurants.

The easiest way to reach Juara is by four-wheel drive or motorcycle from Tekek Village, a two-hour journey, or by boat from any west coast village.

Berjaya Beach

Relax on this beautiful palm-fringed, kilometre-long crescent of soft golden sand that nestles beneath the Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort, an architecturally impressive Malay-style hotel offering a variety of amenities including an 18-hole golf course in a secluded retreat surrounded by virgin rainforest.

Genting Beach

This narrow stretch of soft golden sand is surrounded by steep jungle-clad hills and framed by grey granite boulders.

A walking path behind the beach leads to restaurants, cafes, shops and several chalets before following the shoreline to the nearby village of Paya.

Relax on the beach, wander jungle trails and ford streams, listen to the call of birds and see monkeys and monitor lizards flitter through the forest, then watch a sunset with a cold duty-free beer at a beachside restaurant.

Salang Beach

This crescent of golden sand hugs a horseshoe-shaped bay and is probably the best beach on the west side of the island.

The southern end of the beach is the most popular, with soft sand and good snorkelling in warm crystal clear water with a variety of colourful reef fish on display.

Behind the beach lies Tioman’s liveliest village, crowded with resorts, restaurants and shops, especially around the jetty, which, together with a freshwater lagoon, divides the village.

Monkey Beach

Easily reached by water taxi or by hiking a trail over the headland from Salang Beach, this golden-sand beach offers a quiet alternative to its busy neighbour.

Sunbathe on the beach, take a diving course in the shallow waters, go snorkelling or savour ice-cold duty-free beer at one of the beachside bars and restaurants.

Panuba Beach

Dip your toes into the soft golden sand of this small, tree-fringed beach that fronts the Panuba Inn Resort.

A coastal trail leads north to Monkey Bay and Salang Village and south to Ayer Batang Village.

Air Batang Beach

Known as ABC, this popular causarina-fringed golden-sand beach is crowded with chalets and restaurants.

The beach stretches north of Tekek Village until Panuba Inn Resort. A jetty divides the beach in half, with the best swimming found at the southern end of the village.

A path hung with lush vegetation runs the length of the beach and continues over the headland to Penuba Bay.

Come for a day, or stay longer at Nazri's Place (photo), the largest hotel at Air Batang, offering modern accommodation in well-appointed rooms.

Melina Beach

Discover a 300m-long crescent of soft golden sand that shelves gently into a crystal clear bay framed by giant granite boulders.

Listen to the cry of monkeys and parrots in the surrounding rainforest, visit the nearby turtle sanctuary and snorkel the offshore coral gardens.

Renggis Island

Located in front of the Berjaya Resort, this tiny rocky island offers good snorkelling and diving over impressive coral formations.

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