Maldives Sights & Attractions

The Maldives are widely regarded as having some of the best snorkelling and diving grounds in the world and offer a range of sights and attractions for active couples, including the following…


Stroll the narrow lanes of the old quarter or along the sea wall, or head into the shady tree-lined streets of the residential area.

The small but busy capital of Maldives, Malé has a laid-back charm with great shopping in the busy markets.

Check out Hukuru Miskiy (Old Friday Mosque) – the country's oldest mosque (dating from 1656) is a masterpiece of coral carved with exquisite filigree designs. Inside are lamps and wooden prayer panels intricately carved with Arabic script.

And don't miss the National Museum, where you can admire the former possessions of the sultan, including rich brocades and weapons, as well as pre-Islamic stone carvings collected from sites all over the country.

Banana Reef

Located on the eastern side of North Malé Atoll inside the barrier reef, Banana Reef is a protected marine park around 300m long.

Banana Reef is ideal for scuba divers and snorkellers alike. See colourful coral, sharks, barracuda and groper. Dive deep past plunging cliffs, caves and overhangs or snorkel the reef top to watch jackfish, morays and blue-striped snapper.

Mushimasmingali Thila

Explore one of the world's most famous dive sites, located off Ari Atoll. Plunge down cliffs past ledges, overhangs and caves to the atoll plate at 42m.

The reef is about 100m long, 60m wide and the reef top just 10m from the surface. Discover anemones, sea fans, black corals, grey reef shark, blue-lined snappers, napoleon wrasse and schools of fusiliers and yellow grunts.

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