Lombok Sights & Attractions

Lombok offers several must-see attractions for inquisitive couples from historical man-made palaces and temples to natural wonders, including the following…

Mount Rinjani

Said to be the home of the Goddess Anjani, Gunung Rinjani represents a sacred link to the Sasak people of Lombok and its range of bare summits and densely forested slopes physically dominates the entire island.

Take a challenging two-day guided trek to the crater rim at 2600m high and be rewarded with panoramic vistas overlooking Lombok. Then climb down steep slopes to the spectacular emerald green lake of Segara Anak, which lies hidden within the 4km-wide caldera.

Here you can also witness bubbling hot springs, tumbling waterfalls and native birdlife. Or combine this with a climb to the summit on a four-night hiking adventure – just make sure you pack warm and windproof clothes as the temperature drops to 5°C on the summit.

At 3726m in height, Mount Rinjani is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, second only to Java's Mount Semeru.


Hike to the lower slopes of Gunung Rinjani for magnificent views and the chance to stroll around the traditional mountain village of Senaru.

An easy walk leads to Sendanggile waterfall, considered by many to be the purest water in Indonesia. Nearby sits Tiu Kelep waterfall where you can take a refreshing swim in the nature-sculpted rock pool formed by the falls.

Museum Negeri Nusa Tenggara Barat

(Mataram) – Learn more about the history and culture of Lombok at this fascinating museum, which features an amazing collection of kris (daggers), songket (silver or gold-threaded cloth), basketware and traditional wooden masks.

Pura Lingsar

Explore the holiest place on Lombok, a large temple complex built in 1714 that combines the Balinese Hindu and the indigenous Wektu Telu religions in one complex.

Pura Meru

Discover the largest temple in Lombok, dedicated to the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and built in 1720 by Balinese Prince Anak Agung Made Karang in an attempt to unite Lombok.

Admire a series of tiered shrines inside the inner courtyard and listen out for drum calls during the full moon ceremonies.

Taman Narmada

(Summer Garden Palace) – Stroll through this miniature replica of the summit of Gunung Rinjani and its crater lake of Segara Anak, then discover the temple of Pura Kalasa, used daily and during the annual Balinese Pujawali celebration.

Mayura Water Palace

(Mataram) – Stroll around the Bale Kambang, a large floating pavilion accessible by a causeway over a large artificial lake, at this tranquil complex. Built in 1744, the palace was once part of the Balinese kingdom's royal court in Lombok.


Lombok's distinctive decorative pottery, woodenware, baskets and woven textiles are famous throughout Indonesia and make the best buys. Sasak pottery is considered a high art form in Indonesia – Kediri in West Lombok is the best place to watch the pottery process.

Elsewhere, visit Sengkol, Sukarare and Puyung for exquisitely woven and embroidered kebaya head scarves and sarongs.

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