Honeymoon Travel & Planning Ideas

Honeymoons come alive with these great travel ideas for adventurous newlyweds who may want to do more than just laze around on a beach during their honeymoon.

Romantic Cities

Inflame your passions in the world’s most romantic cities: Be awed in Paris (the City of Light), discover la dolce vita in Rome, be enchanted in the canals of Venice, explore marbled domes and sacred art in Florence (birthplace of the Renaissance) or revel in the vibrant theatre that is New York City.

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Adventure Travel

Plan the perfect honeymoon adventure. Discover the most compelling adventure travel destinations around the world: cruise to the frozen continent of Antarctica, journey in Darwin’s footsteps to the Galapagos Islands, fish for piranha on the Amazon River or watch lions hunt wildebeest in Africa.

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Ancient Wonders

Discover ancient wonders of the world on a honeymoon adventure. Open your mind to ancient civilisations: explore the Forbidden City in Beijing, stroll through the ruins of ancient Ephesus in Turkey or ponder the enigma of the Nazca Lines in Peru.

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Islands & Beaches

Find the perfect island and beach destination for your honeymoon holiday.

Get ideas about unique island and beach destinations around the world, complete with up-to-date information about the best hotel options, things to do and see as well as how to get there and the best time of year to visit each beach destination.

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Outdoor Adventure

Experience the great outdoors and live your passion, whatever it may be. From skiing, diving and trekking to biking, kayaking and whitewater rafting, simply get away and do what you love most.

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